Thousand Oaks HOA Update – Q1 2018

On January 8th, 2018, the new officers of the Thousand Oaks HOA were appointed by John Barth and Jay Jackson. The new officers are donating their time and expertise as volunteers. Between the officers and committee chairs, this represents almost 100% turnover of our HOA from 2016 & 2017.

HOA Board structure is as follows:

  • Matt Smith – President
  • Allyson Berberich – Vice President
  • Aaron Benefield – Treasurer
  • Mike Rusche – Secretary

Although we are just now approaching 60 days, it seems like a year. The officer team has met a half a dozen times in order to get grounded. Matt and Allyson have been meeting with the committees in a series of one-off meetings in order to get them up and running. As residents need to reach us and alert the team of goings on in the neighborhood, we ask that all communication at this time be sent to [email protected]. It is the official form of communication and the best way to reach your HOA.

The first major task the officer team is addressing is communication. We recognize that there is an incredible opportunity to bring clear and concise communication to the residents. Although we have many great ideas, we are looking to work through the details before we notify residents of those details. The current plan is to bring the communication project to fruition at zero (or very low) cost to the HOA.

We also have a series of other projects we need to look into and always look for resident feedback. With that being said, we can’t complete everything we want to immediately, and will have to either complete projects at a later date and or table them until such time they are affordable and feasible to be addressed by the HOA.

Lastly, we would like to thank Megan Bogener for her prior leadership and meeting with the new officer team to help transition. We can’t thank Chris O’Dell enough for his tireless work on the street lights over the last few years. We also appreciate his help on the Thousand Oaks website. We would also like to thank Mindi Shupe for taking the time to meet with our new pool committee chairs to get them transitioned and positioned to take on the coming 2018 pool season.

While we recognize it is important to communicate with our neighbors and residents, please note it does take some time to get up and running, and we ask you to have patience while we continue to make our community a great place to live.

Interested in volunteering on the various HOA committees? We’re always looking for help! Comment below or email [email protected] for more information.

Committee Members:

  • Pool, Clubhouse, Tennis Courts, Playground
    • Chris Mauzey – Co Chair
    • Molly Coble – Co Chair
    • Lori Buehler
    • Amy LeBar
    • Keri McGinnis
    • Angie McIntire
    • Kim O’Dea
  • Grounds Maintenance
    • Jeff Foster – Chair
    • Stephanie Burke
    • Tim Reisenbichler
    • Connie Wuebben – Christmas Lights
  • Street Lights
    • Carlos Andrade – Chair
  • Communications
    • Bryant Borchers – Chair
  • Architecture
    • Mike Rusche – Chair
    • Weston Coble
    • Tim Papuga
    • David Robinson
  • Social
    • Abby LacKamp – Chair