Thousand Oaks HOA Update – Q2 2018

What a busy 4 months it has been since the new officers were appointed to the Thousand Oaks HOA! A lot has been occurring behind the scenes, laying the foundation for some significant improvements in the TO neighborhood. To shed light on that work, we wanted to take some time and highlight what the volunteers and board members have been up to.

Overall – the board continues to dig into the details and prioritize needs of the TO community. We are receiving a lot of communication through the [email protected] email account and have spent many hours addressing your concerns. We have responded to many things, including covenant violations, architectural committee approvals, maintenance matters, pool questions, social event dates, clubhouse rental, and more. Matt and Allyson continue to meet with committees and the developers, pushing progress amongst the variety of initiatives each committee is being tasked to complete. For anyone who is interested in volunteering or has additional information to provide please email [email protected] . We are always looking for residents to assist in sharing their talents and skills to improve the community.

Pools – We want you know that the pools will open on time on May 26th. More information is forthcoming in the next week regarding pool openings. A special thank you to Chris Mauzey and Molly Coble for managing the pools this summer! Volunteers and attendants spent several days in May painting and sprucing up the pool decks, bathrooms and chairs for pool season. We appreciate them! We have also been working closely with our pool maintenance company to assess needed repairs and prioritize those repairs. Many of you have asked about Oasis pool still being without water a few days ago. The spillover waterfall and its surrounding walls were in need of repair. We chose to have this work completed instead of witnessing further deterioration this pool season. Unfortunately April weather wasn’t on our side and repairs took a little longer than anticipated. This was a relatively inexpensive repair that improved functionality, safety and aesthetics! Please be patient as we continue to work through our list of other much needed pool repairs, now and in the future.

Grounds Maintenance – We continue to prioritize improvements of our grounds based on need and availability within the budget. Most notably, the grounds committee is focused on resolving several long outstanding issues in 2018 relating to erosion, waterfall repairs, and the infamous “beavers.” The grounds committee hosted a “neighborhood clean-up day” in early May and will continue to focus on trails and grounds improvements in the future. There is much to be done and we have to make some tough decisions.

Communication – We continue to communicate via the TO Facebook page in the interim. While we understand not all residents leverage Facebook, it is the most cost effective/widest reach form of communication currently available. Significant progress is being made to update the TO HOA website (shout out to Chris O’Dell) as well as introducing other forms of communication. We hope to have an updated TO HOA website by end of June. Long-term plans include collecting resident email addresses via the yearly dues/HOA meeting process in order to better communicate via email in the future. We welcome your ideas here as well!

Street Lights – the volunteers on the street lights committee continue to focus on resolving street light issues. We understand that this is very frustrating topic. We are truly committed to resolving the street light issues and minimizing our expenditures. Significant progress has been made collecting information as to which street lights are not functioning properly. To report light outages or when a previously reported light out is back on, please use this form: Review the following map to find the light post number:… Red = out, Green = Operational, Yellow = LED (Operational).

We can’t thank all of the volunteers enough as well as the support of the neighborhood and residents as we do some “spring-cleaning” per se. Please note, it will take some time to continue to push improvements within the community and we appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to make the TO community an even better place to live!