Call for Officers – Social Media Update

January 27, 2020


Hello Residents of Thousand Oaks,

The Thousand Oaks Homes Association, Inc. (HOA) consists of a Board of Directors (Developers) and an Advisory Panel (resident volunteers). While the Board still maintains oversight of the HOA, the Advisory Panel operates autonomously in executing the day-to-day operations of the HOA.  There are currently two openings on the Advisory Panel, and we are looking for residents to serve as Vice President and Secretary. If you or someone you know may be interested or would like further information, please email [email protected] for additional information.


If you are interested in one of these roles, please send your resume and the position you are interested in to the organization email. The Board of the Directors and the Advisory Panel will hold meet and greet sessions with the interested applicants before the Board votes on the new members.


A letter went out via our website and Facebook dated December 12th, 2019.  We recognize not everyone is on Facebook or our website, so a copy of that letter has been included with this mailer to ensure everyone has an opportunity to see that communication. The HOA strives for transparency by ensuring residents are aware of what is happening within the neighborhood.  In furtherance of this goal we have several avenues for residents to interact with the HOA listed below:


EMAIL: We recently migrated to an enterprise email service versus a generic service.  This will allow us to better manage and secure our official HOA email.  Residents can now contact us at our new email: [email protected].  This is the most efficient way to communicate all requests, concerns, and comments to the HOA. This is our official avenue of communication.


Website: The neighborhood Newsletters, ByLaws, Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs), Rules, and other community information can be found at the official Thousand Oaks website:


Email Blast: Residents can sign up to receive official newsletters and important communication regarding the neighborhood directly into their email inbox at, Residents can also visit, navigate to the “Contact Us” tab on the landing page. Click on the word HERE, and it will take you to the MailChimp Thousand Oaks Mo signup page where you can fill out your information.


We are on social media with two official Thousand Oaks accounts:

Facebook:  — this is a closed group and residents will need to ask for access.  Neighborhood events, news, and updates will be posted here.


Instagram:  — Similar to Facebook, this is a closed group and residents will need to ask for access. Neighborhood events, news, and updates will be posted here.


We appreciate all the kind words and support residents have provided over the past two years. It really means a lot to us and our volunteers. We look forward to a great 2020.


Best regards,


Matt Smith


Thousand Oaks Homes Association, Inc.