Community Awareness – Landscaping

Greetings Thousand Oaks – 

Spring is around the corner and with the warmer weather we are venturing outdoors to enjoy our community.  We are also able to continue with the beautification efforts to Thousand Oaks. In addition to the tennis courts we have added a new playground and completely overhauled the front entrance landscaping which includes brilliant LED lighting on both sides.
As we previously posted, the front entrance waterfall has been drained to perform some extensive cleaning and pump maintenance. Since draining we found many of the new landscaping cobblestone rocks in the bottom of the water area. While some were smaller there were many large rocks that were obviously and intentionally thrown into the water. This not only degrades the extensive landscape but can potentially damage the plumbing and pump systems underwater.
Additionally we have frequently found rubber mulch from the new playground thrown into the tennis courts. While some of these issues may simply be children having fun, some can be costly and considered prosecutable vandalism.
We are doing our best to utilize our funds wisely to improve Thousand Oaks for all residents. We want everyone to have fun and enjoy all of our amenities, and kindly ask for all family members to work together in keeping our neighborhood as magnificent as possible. 
Thank you –
Thousand Oaks Homes Association