Fun Fact Friday – 2/9/24

Here is this week’s Fun Fact Friday!

Section 17. Parking of Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Trailers. No trucks or
Commercial Vehicles, boats, or other similar water-borne vehicles, house trailers, boat
trailers, trailers of every other description, campers or camping units shall be permitted to
be customarily or habitually parked, kept, or stored on any Lot or on the streets or alleys
around any of the buildings within the Properties unless they are parked or stored in an
enclosed garage or in such other enclosure approved by the Architectural Control

Committee, except only during periods of approved construction on the Lot. No
automotive repairs shall occur on any of the Lots hereby restricted except when performed
inside of the garage. This prohibition of parking shall not apply to temporary parking of
trucks, Commercial Vehicles, such as for pick-up, delivery, and other Commercial
services. No automobile may be parked overnight or stored upon any street adjoining any