Help Save Our Waterfall!

The Association is putting a request out to the neighborhood to help clean the waterfall. The 20+ years of water flowing over the stone has created a large amount of shale ( This shale is getting into our pumps and causing them to break.

Once a year we will need to clean the waterfall completely to try and minimize all chances of pump damage. We are having to replace our pumps again at the cost of roughly $17K.

As it stands now, we are looking to hire out laborers who will spend the day cleaning our waterfall. Our estimated cost at this time is $6K, which will include 10 workers for 8 hours. While it is possible it could take half this time, we want to budget high and come in low.

We can save costs if we can get 10 -15 volunteers. Our goal is to complete on a Saturday so as to not interfere with work and church.

Please email the Association and join the team. We really need the help. [email protected]

Matt Smith


Thousand Oaks Homes Association, Inc.