Homeowner’s Association Organization Updates

Thousand Oaks, I would like to make a few announcements about the organization.

I am excited to announce Julie Manahan Schmidt will be joining the Board as our new Secretary. Julie, now retired mother/wife, spent over 25 years in management roles for companies that include Hallmark Cards, The Dial Corporation (Phoenix) and The Coca-Cola Company (Atlanta).  Julie has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and an MBA.  Her business experience includes strategy and operating plan development, brand management and marketing.  Her experience in risk management will also bring a necessary skill to our team. Julie will be helping me develop an SOP (standard operating procedure) for the organization.

Nishia Hotujec-Henke has taken on a volunteer role for us. Nisha is a nurse, mother, and wife. She has graciously taken on the New Resident Welcome Packets for us. New residents will get to meet her as she drives around and welcomes them to the neighborhood. Existing residents will get to meet Nishia as time permits and she helps us with other projects. I was able to meet her and the family this weekend! I encourage you to get to know them, they are an amazing family!

Bridget Rodewald has stepped up pro tem to take on Vice President, however has just started an amazing new job opportunity which has been a dream. Bridget will still remain a volunteer as time/family obligations permit. Bridget was extremely instrumental on improving communication cadence as well as helping us find business partners to donate time/funds/etc. Her long experience in managing a not for profit was paramount to take us to the next level. Bridget continues to offer advice and consult to ensure the organization continues to grow.

Aaron Benefield has left the board, but remains a volunteer helping me manage the property/projects. Aaron was our treasurer from January 2018 until Summer 2021. He was pivotal on wrangling the budget and starting a reserve fund for the organization. Aaron has helped with countless projects donating countless hours to the organization. Again, while Aaron remains a volunteer, he has stepped back in order to have more time with is family and much needed projects/hobbies. I am very grateful for his support/friendship/blunt opinions that he still continues to give me. Aaron will be stepping back in pro tem in order to help us with FY22 landscaping bids.

Last but not least, I would like to recognize Abby Wolcott LacKamp and Jamie Watkins for their hard work on Food Truck Fridays. Every week these ladies are working together to ensure you get the most tastiest of trucks and know the menu. I am very grateful for them both. This amazing summer would not have happened without them. Thank you both for helping me make this idea a reality.

We will be looking for a Vice President and Treasurer. If interested, you can email your resume to [email protected].

Please join me in welcoming, thanking, and cheering on these amazing individuals who have/will donate countless hours to our beautiful community.

Matt Smith, President
Thousand Oaks Homes Association, Inc.