January Week 2 – Tidbit Tuesday / Streetlights

We hope everyone is staying warm during this arctic blast. For this Tidbit Tuesday, we would like to provide an update on streetlights.

Due to the weather, the work being done on Forest is on hold. The work will resume when weather improves. Also due to the low temperatures, we are starting to see many areas lose lights. These lights will be added to the to-do list for when the temperatures warm up a bit. Below you can see a full listing of what lights were reported out before the cold temperatures came in.

You can report any outages using the following link (also located in the Quick Links on the side of our Thousand Oaks Homes Association website Home page): Streetlight Outage Mapping & Reporting Resource. Please report all outages using this link, as it helps us to track in real time. You are also able to send a follow-up email to [email protected] for additional visibility.

In addition to the repairs occurring on Forest, overhead lights will be installed at both Oasis and Otter parking lots. This will help increase visibility to the parking lots, which have been pretty dark. The lights will also be great for our attendants when they are closing out their shifts. This is the first step we are taking to secure our pools. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

814375 NW 67th Street-94.7469914739.21668323Classic
4214948 NW 66th Street-94.7539323239.21289117Classic
6214110 NW 64th Place-94.743908739.2108721Classic
6514035 NW 64th Place-94.743048839.2107443Classic
6914555 NW 63rd Street-94.7488990639.2104832Classic
7414705 NW 63rd Street-94.7505450639.20997671Classic
8814020 NW 62nd Court-94.743071939.2085302LED
9113975 NW 62nd Court-94.742181939.2084213LED
9414755 NW 63rd Street-94.7508134539.20836791Classic
976255 North Forest Drive-94.743691139.2080672LED
1026195 NW White Oak Drive-94.750388639.2073643LED
1096100 North Forest Drive-94.74308539.2063249LED
1106120 North Nevada Avenue-94.746811739.20599991Classic
11314030 NW 61st Court-94.743662539.205671LED
1196040 North Forest Drive-94.742194939.2050239LED
1216045 North Nevada Avenue-94.7468317439.20480123Classic
12314700 NW 60th Court-94.744854539.2043635Classic
12414155 NW 60th Court-94.744147839.2039234Classic
12514115 NW 60th Court-94.743672339.2037672Classic
12614075 NW 60th Court-94.743093439.2036607Classic
12714020 NW 60th Court-94.74243139.2034058Classic
1286025 North Nevada Avenue-94.7470977439.2033778Classic