Nevada Waterfall

The front waterfall on Nevada has been both repaired and vandalized within the past 24 hours. If you have knowledge of the vandalism occurring between 4 and 8 pm yesterday, Monday, May 18th, please email [email protected]. The initial damage repair estimate is in excess of $5,000 to repair.

Regrettably, an oversized rock was thrown into the waterfall’s pump pit causing a punctured main line and other damage. The damage is significant enough that concrete most likely will be broken up to access the main line for repairs.

The rebuilt pumps for the front waterfall cost $15,000 and two months of time to repair.  The gorgeous updated landscaped rock bed cost an additional $12,000.  The entire 2020 Thousand Oaks operational budget has been allocated and does not have room for the second repair to the vandalized waterfall pump. While we know the community was anxious to have the waterfall operating again, regrettably, it will continue to be non-operational for the foreseeable future.

Both youth and adults are regularly witnessed throwing rocks from the landscaping into the waterfall and climbing on the rocks. These activities are highly discouraged due to the crumbling nature of the rocks, nesting snakes and animals in the rocks and, most importantly, expensive equipment being located on the premises.

As a resident, if you witness anyone in or on the landscaping, including the rocks, please ask them to exit the location. This is for their safety and to protect the Thousand Oaks’ community investment. Thank you for your cooperation.