Pool Rules Reminder

Happy pool season!

Please ensure you brush up on the pool rules via our website: https://thousandoaksmo.com/pool-rules. A link to the handbook can be found there. While we want everyone to have a great time at our pools, we have had several incidents in the past two years which bear reminder. Please do your part to make our pools a safe and fun place to visit!

We want to remind residents a few key things:

  • The pool attendants are not babysitters; please ensure if your 12-16 yr olds are following the rules – NO DIVING, NO FLIPPING, NO RUNNING, NO JUMPING/SLIDING OVER OASIS SPILLWAY Anyone not following will have privileges revoked
  • The pool attendants do not make the rules; residents who yell / scream / harass our attendants will lose pool privileges for the season. If you feel any area of the pool or bathrooms needs attention, politely inform the attendant on duty or email [email protected]
  • Glass is not permitted in any of the pool area
  • No Smoking or vaping
  • Underage drinking will result in household losing season privileges
  • After hour break-ins will be reported to the sheriff

Please note, and advise your teens, the pools have 24 hours surveillance and our security team is keeping an eye on the pools 24/7.

Please have a safe and fun pool season!

Matt Smith