Pool Season Update


The Association Advisory Panel is adhering to all COVID-19 Platte County Health Department and CDC regulations for the community’s safety and to ensure that the pools open on time and remain open.

We understand the COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful, possibly polarizing, for many; views and opinions on the matter differ widely. We want to stress the idea of ‘community’ and ask Thousand Oaks residents to leave their differences at home and enjoy the pool in whatever capacity we can provide.

Please remember that the pool attendants are your neighbors children and are following instructions they have been given. It will take extra effort in running the pools with extra safety precautions in place including a reduced capacity.  Attendants are required to monitor and enforce capacity limits. We ask all residents to make this a team effort in following the below guidelines.  Should conflicts arise which cannot be resolved, we may need to close the pools.

Our pools will open for use starting Saturday May 23rd. Hours may be found at www.thousandoaksmo.com


* By scanning your badge you are entering the pool enclosure and facility AT YOUR OWN RISK and acknowledge that you have read and intend on following the required guidelines.

* Per Platte County Health Department, the maximum capacity allowed inside the pool enclosure is 25% of the pool’s bathing load – or 50 people maximum.

* Due to capacity restrictions, NON-RESIDENT GUESTS are not permitted at this time so that we may reserve use of the pool for residents ONLY.

* If the pool is at capacity, our gate will be closed with signage in place reading PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENTER.

* You MUST continue to practice “Social Distancing” of 6’ including with the pool attendants.

* The facility will be sanitized each morning; however, there is no guarantee we will be able to provide the necessary refills for bathrooms or cleaning supplies for the facility.

* Residents carry the responsibility of sanitizing chairs or any other areas and surfaces before use.

* Pool chairs will be spaced apart in groups 6’ feet or more and we encourage not moving chairs from their grouping.

* Furniture will be limited in order to facilitate social distancing restrictions.

* Rafts/floatation devices are discouraged and will be kept to a minimum in the pool unless needed for safety reasons.

* Concessions will not be available at this time.

* If you have any COVID-19 symptoms please do not come to the pool.

* Lost and found areas will not be in place, any items left behind will be discarded before pool closing each night.

* If the guidelines are not followed or other disrespectful or unruly behavior is displayed towards an on-duty attendant or another guest, you may be asked to leave either by the attendant or the police may be called at the attendant’s discretion.  Additionally, if a lack of adherence to the above guidelines is persistent, we may choose to close the pools for the community’s safety.

Again, we want to stress the importance of our community. Please be thoughtful and attentive of your neighbors and their families if they are waiting to enter the pool (due to capacity restrictions) and you have made use of it for two hours or more.

We will continue to monitor Platte County Health Department guideline phases and provide updates as changes are made available.  We request your patience with the process as we are all in this together in maintaining a healthy and safe place.