Solar Panel Information

To our residents,

As many of you know, Missouri passed a law regarding solar which goes into effect 1/1/2023. The Association is currently working on guidelines which residents will be able to use to get approval through our Architectural Control Committee. 

To reiterate, residents are still required to obtain prior approval per our Covenants in order to change the structure of an improved Lot.

Here is the current timeline of solar for Thousand Oaks:

* Solar requests will not be approved until 1/1/2023 (though this is fluid prior to 1/1/23)

* The Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and resident volunteers are finalizing guidelines

* Training of guidelines to Architectural Control Committee will occur prior to Annual Meeting

* Notification of guidelines will appear in the annual letter

* Final details will be shared at the annual meeting 

Further questions can be emailed to [email protected].