Thank you; New Pool Rules

We wanted to thank everyone for all of their feedback at the start of our pool season. We also were encouraged by all of the overwhelming support of the new rules. Residents who have not felt comfortable using the pool came back this year! Thank you to everyone, we really appreciate you all.

We did want to alert everyone the grace period is over, and full enforcement is in place.

**All children under 16 must have a waiver consent form on file, our team has access to the excel doc. If the child is not on the form, or major information like birthday was missing, we will alert the child. (if there is missing info, the attendants have been instructed to have the child call, and allow them to come in) We don’t want to post names or email out. Not everyone provided complete information.

**No one will be admitted without a pool key. Each home must have a pool key in order to enjoy the pool. If left at home, you will be asked to go and get it.

**Our day sitter/nanny/family policy is working great. Keep doing what you have been doing.

Reminder: Grandparents, Parents, Children, and Grandchildren are not considered guests. You may bring your family free of charge. There are no limits to families who live in the neighborhood. If you plan on bringing more than 4 family members from outside of the neighborhood, we just ask you let the HOA know so we can alert the attendants of your outing.

**Maximum 4 guests per household, with $5 charge per guest. Wristbands will be worn while on property. You may jump from pool to pool during that day for the one price.