Neighborhood Rules and Regulations

Resident Handbook (click to download)


The Resident Handbook outlines the current rules and regulations enacted by the Thousand Oaks Homes Association, Inc. (HOA) Board of Directors. We recommend all residents review this Handbook to be familiar with the neighborhood rules and regulations.  Property owners must adhere to the following rules and regulations as established in this document in accordance with the Neighborhood Covenants, Restrictions, Conditions (CCRs) Article VIII Section 1.

Officers & Board of Directors

Thousand Oaks Homes Association is a not-for-profit corporation consisting of a Board of Directors (Board) and Officers (Resident Advisory Panel).  The board is comprised of the developers (John, David, and -Marilyn Barth, and Jay Jackson).  The officers of the HOA are appointed by the Board on an annual basis to run the day-to-day operations of the HOA.  The Board has delegated the daily management of the HOA’s finances to the Resident Advisory Panel officers.  A list of the current members can be found on the HOA website.

Annual Dues

Dues are assessed annually in January in accordance with Article V Section 4 of the CCRs.  Failure to pay the annual dues will result in late charges, interest and property lien in accordance with Article V Section 1 of the CCRs.

Community Amenities

The Thousand Oaks Community boasts a number of amenities for residents to enjoy.  Use of the amenities is dependent on being current and in good standing with the HOA.  Residents who are delinquent in their homes association dues payment or have been notified of other areas of non-compliance will not be allowed to access the pool until all dues are paid in full.  Currently we offer walking/biking trails.  The trails are available for residents to enjoy year-round, however, the HOA does not remove snow or ice from any of the trails.  Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trails unless authorized by the HOA for the performance of maintenance activities.

The HOA hosts a number of community events throughout the year.  These events are open to all residents and help to improve the quality of life in our community.  Events can be found on the HOA website at:


Thousand Oaks has two swimming pool complexes Otters and Oasis.  The Otters pool is a traditional rectangle lap style pool.  Oasis has both a zero entry “upper pool” and a more traditional lounging “lower Pool”.  These pools are for the entire neighborhood to enjoy.  The Oasis pool also features a concession stand.  The concession stand is equipped to accept cash only.

Thousand Oaks proudly supports our local swim team the Thousand Oaks Otters. The hours at Otters pool vary throughout the pool season. Thousand Oaks Otters season begins at the end of May and lasts until late July.  During this time the pool is reserved by the Otters swim team Monday – Friday 7:30 am to 12 pm.  Residents are asked to use the Oasis pool until swim practice is concluded.

Pool Hours

Pools are open from Memorial Day to weekend to Labor Day (unless pool season is adjusted due to local health orders or extended based on weather and availability of pool service company).

  • Otters pool (6620 N Nevada Ave) Hours:
    • Sunday – Wednesday from 10 am – 9 pm
    • Thursday – Saturday from 10 am – 10 pm

Adult-lap swim

During Swim Team Season

  • Daily 5 am – 7 am
  • Closed 7 am -8 am for cleaning
  • Saturday & Sunday 8 am – 10 am

After Swim Team Season

  • Daily 5 am – 7 am
  • Closed 7 am -8 am for cleaning
  • Daily 8 am – 10 am

Oasis Pool (6040 Nevada Ave) Hours:

  • Sunday – Wednesday from 9 am – 9 pm
  • Thursday – Saturday from 9 am – 10 pm

Residents/Guests ages 12 & over are allowed to use the pool without parental supervision.  Anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by someone age 16 or older.  No lifeguards are on duty at the pools and parents/guardians are expected to supervise children under 12.  Additionally, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child(ren) follow the rules and behave appropriately if they are going to come to the pool unsupervised.

Infection Control

We will strive to maintain our pools and provide a safe space for our residents to enjoy.  Our pools are maintained by an outside pool company.  However, accidents happen and in the event of an infectious disease outbreak access to pools may be limited or closed based on guidance from our pool company local Health Department or state and federal health orders.  Once given the ok by our vendor/Health Department the pools will be reopened.

Lost and Found

A lost & found bin is be kept at each pool.  All items are disposed of at the end of each week.

Swim Lessons

Residents can hold swimming lessons at either pool as long as it doesn’t interfere with swim team practice, adult swim or other resident’s enjoyment of the pool.  Attendants will not section off an area of the pool for lessons.

Either the person taking the lesson or the person teaching the lesson must be a resident of Thousand Oaks.  Non-residents are required to pay the guest fee.

All music played at the pool must be appropriate for the family environment.  Offensive lyrics {swear words or suggestive phrases} are not allowed.  Music must be kept at a reasonable volume.

Pool Parties

The summer is a great time to host a party.  Parties can be held at either the OASIS or OTTERS pool, however, they must be pre-arranged.  Residents are asked to complete the Pool Party Event Form located on the HOA webpage or at the Oasis concession stand.  Pool parties are not allowed on Memorial Day weekend, Father’s Day, July 4th, or Labor Day due to the high volume of residents using the amenities.

Pool Rules

Pool rules are posted at the entrance to each pool.  Residents/Guests/Pool attendants must obey all posted rules at all times.  Residents and their guests will be given a warning for their first offense.  Second offense will result in Pool privileges being suspended for 15 min.  A third offense will result in loss of pool privileges for the remainder of the day.  Continued violation of the pool rules will result in revocation of pool privileges for the remainder of the season.  If a resident’s behavior results in their key card access being revoked it will be revoked for the entire household assigned to that card.  A copy of the pool handbook can be found on our website.

  • Residents swim at their own risk. Although pool attendants are on staff to ensure the cleanliness of the pool area and adherence to the pool rules, they are not trained lifeguards.
  • The Oasis Pool has two waterfalls. Residents are asked to not climb on or attempt to go over either of these features.
  • No gum, food or drink is allowed in the pool
  • No smoking or tobacco of any kind inside pool gates – this includes, but not limited to vaping
  • No glass containers inside pool gates
  • Infants must wear swim diapers – no disposable diapers. Available for sale at the pools.
  • Rafts, floats & {soft} balls are permitted at the pool attendant’s discretion
  • No pets permitted on pool deck
  • No abusive or foul language {includes music lyrics} or inappropriate gestures
  • No drunk and disorderly conduct
  • No destruction of pool property
  • No diving or flips off the side of the pool
  • No running
  • No “horse-play” on pool deck or in pool: Defined as dunking, chasing, shoving, pushing, excessive use of squirt guns, games such as King of the Hill, chicken fights or any other game that is detrimental to the safety of the participants or others in the area.
  • Pool furniture should not be thrown or used in the pool.

Pool Guests

Guests are welcome to enjoy our amenities and must be accompanied by a resident.  The resident is responsible for the action of their guests and to ensure they comply with all HOA rules and regulations.

Gest fees to use the pool are $1 per guest.  This fee does not apply to a resident’s Parents, Grandparents, or Child-Care Provider.  All other guests are asked to pay the fee.

Non-Resident swim team members are considered guests but are allowed to use the Otter’s pool during all scheduled swim team events {practices, meets & parties.} Upon the completion of swim team practice at 12pm, if they wish to remain at the pool, they need to be accompanied by a resident and pay the guest fee.

Inclement Weather

No one will be allowed to enter the pool while it is raining so hard that the bottom of the pool isn’t visible.  In the event of a thunderstorm, the pool will be closed until 30 minutes after the last visible lightning strike or episode of thunder.

Pool Access and Key Cards

Access to the community pools is restricted to residents and their guests only.  For the security and safety of our residents, each household is issued an access card that allows entry to either pool during authorized times.  Residents caught accessing the pools after hours will lose pool privileges for the remainder of the year.  Additionally, Unauthorized access to the pool complexes will be referred to the Platte County Sheriff’s Department for legal action.

Residents are asked to turn-in pool key cards to the HOA upon departure from the neighborhood.  Lost access cards can be replaced for a $30 fee by contacting the HOA at [email protected].

Greenspace and Common Areas

Common areas within the neighborhood are maintained by the HOA for the use of residents and their guests.  To this end, the HOA has contracted with multiple vendors to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the residents and common facilities.  If residents notice an issue with a HOA vendor, they are requested to contact the HOA for resolution.  Please do not address the vendors directly.  Common areas include the Pool complexes, playgrounds, walking trails, ponds, gazebo and tennis courts.

The greenspace is there to keep the Thousand Oaks Community aesthetically pleasing.  Residents are not allowed to make any modifications to the greenspace without prior HOA approval.  This includes cutting down trees, shrubs or bushes, dumping grass or other debris, or otherwise modifying the area.  This property is owned by the association.  Any issues noted within the greenspace should be directed to the HOA.

Modifications to Property Exterior

In accordance with Article VII Section Section(s) 9, 10, 12, 13, 24, 25, 26, and 28 any modification to the exterior of the property must approved by the HOA Architectural Committee prior to the commencement of the modification.  If the property owner is planning any modification of the exterior of the property to include, but not limited to: Paint (if changing color scheme), roofing, landscaping, fencing, patios, pools or hot tubs, they are asked to contact the HOA for guidance on how to submit the plan to the Architectural Control Committee for review and approval.  Additionally, temporary structures or any other out building shall not be erected on any lot without the approval of the Architectural Control Committee.

Architectural Control Committee Procedure Policy & Guidelines

Trails, Tennis Courts, Playgrounds and Ponds

Thousand Oaks has abundant pedestrian and walking trails for residents and their gusts to enjoy.  Trails are restricted to pedestrian and non-motorized traffic only.  Exceptions to this rule is limited to HOA personnel and contractors conducting maintenance activities on behalf of the HOA.

Tennis courts are available for use on a first come, first serve basis.  The tennis courts are not lighted, and residents are free to use them during daylight hours.  In the event people are waiting to use the tennis courts, we ask residents to limit use to 1 hour to allow other residents the opportunity to use the amenities.

Thousand Oaks currently has two playgrounds available to residents.  One is behind the Oasis Pool Complex and the other is near the Tennis Courts.

Thousand Oaks has three beautiful ponds for the enjoyment of our residents and guest.  Residents and guests are free to fish any of the ponds on the property.  However, no boats or water-borne vehicles of any kind are not permitted on any of the lakes or ponds.  Additionally, no swimming, hunting, or skating is allowed in or on any lake or body of water.

Again, access to some or all of the facilities including tennis courts and playgrounds may be subject to change as a result of local, state or federal health orders.

Parking of Motor Vehicles, Boats, and Trailers

In accordance with Article VII Section Section(s) 17 no trucks or commercial vehicles, boats, or other similar water-borne vehicles, house trailers, boat trailers, are permitted to be customarily or habitually parked, kept, or stored on any lot or on the streets around any of the buildings within the properties unless stored in an enclosed garage.  This does not preclude the temporary parking of boats and trailers for the purpose of loading or unloading after use.  No automobile may be parked overnight or stored upon any street adjoining any lot.

Trash and Recycling

In accordance with Article VII Section Section(s) 16 No lot shall be used as dumping ground for rubbish, trash, garbage, or other waste.  Trash cans shall only be set out for pick-up in the container provided by the HOA on the morning of the scheduled pick-up, only after 4 am on the day of the pick-up. Trash and Recycle services are not covered by the HOA.  Residents are free to contract with any waste management company the prefer.  Most residents choose Blacksher for their Trash and Recycle service.  Trash Bins are provided “at no cost” to all new homes within thousand Oaks.  Trash Bins remain with the house after sale.  The HOA will replace a damaged can within the first 90 days of a home transfer “at no cost” This is a onetime replacement if requested within 90 days of closing on the new home.  All other damage to a trash bins is the responsibility of the homeowner.  New trash bins can be obtained at a cost of $130 by contacting the HOA.  Recycle bins are not provided by the HOA.  Residents will need to contract recycling services separately if they wish to recycle.

Useful Links and Contacts

Thousand Oaks Homes Association Facebook Page:

This is the official Facebook Page of the Thousand Oaks HOA.  New and Information is posted regularly for residents.

Thousand Oaks Homes Association webpage

For our residents who are not of Facebook or other social media platforms we post news and useful information on our official webpage.  The HOA CCRs, Bylaws, map of neighborhood and other useful links.

Email Blast: Subscribe –

Residents are encouraged to sign-up for our email notification service.  Whenever breaking news happens in the neighborhood, you will be first to know.  Email account information is never sold, or shared with anyone for any reason.


Email not your thing.  You can get the same great HOA updates on Instagram.  This is a closed group and residents will need to ask for access. Neighborhood events, news, and updates will be posted here.

The Thousand Oaks Homes Association is a resident run, volunteer organization.  While we strive to reply resident request as quickly as we can, there could be delays in response due to time of day or holiday.  This is the most efficient way to communicate all requests, concerns, and comments to the HOA:  [email protected].